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Bruce is a knowledgeable, capable healer. I went with a great deal of skepticism at first that he could alleviate my pain from neuropathy. IT WORKED!!! I have used him for a year under VA sponsorship and plan to continue for the indefinite future.

by Dick Beers on August 2013

Bruce Xu is excellent. Aside from the care and help he gave my mother throughout the intolerable pain she suffered from shingles, he’s an honest, sincere, and good doctor, who has great respect for his patients as well as a great bedside manner. I highly recommend him.

by Bonnie Kaufman on June 2013

Bruce is incredibly friendly and helpful. He was able to explain to me, in simple terms, what to expect. His office is simple and comfortable. Most importantly, my knee felt great afterward and all through snowboarding season.

by A Google User on March 2011

Dr. Xu is has decades of experience, having earned degrees in China and The United States. He comes highly recommended by the Strong Hospital and U of R department of Neurology, and has presented lectures and conducted research for them. Dr. Xu is the acupuncturist at the Strong Pain Treatment center. His knowledge likely surpasses that of other area clinicians. I highly recommend him — very polite and able to tailor treatments to each individual.

by A Google User on May 2011
  • My shoulder pain was the result of a fall and for two years I lived with the pain. While I could live with the pain, my sleep was often interrupted. I’m a side sleeper and quite frankly the pain was enough to keep me up. I decided to try acupuncture and couldn’t be happier. It’s been quite a few years since my acupuncture and my shoulder is still pain free.

    by NickChoroshyliw on
  • “It is very difficult to find the words to properly thank you. There is no question that your treatments helped me. They did, indeed. The fact that I have two entirely different types of pain… made your job very difficult, yet you knew how to handle the challenge. Your combination of acupuncture treatments combined with applications of your own formula of salve and heat applications shrunk the area of extreme tenderness on my back almost to the point of disappearance. I want to thank you so very, very much for this professional and knowledgeable treatment.”

    by Thomas Dimitroff on
  • My primary care doctor advised me to try acupuncture to relieve a stiff neck.I was reluctant to take drugs so he said try acupuncture there really is no downside.
    So after a course of ten treatments with Bruce Xu ,spread over 12 weeks ,
    I no longer had to turn my whole body to look when I was turning a corner. I ad regained almost full mobility of my neck. I get treatments about every 6 to 8 weeks and my neck feels great.

    by Donald N Pedersen on

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